Impact Dissemination

Through its work, the GCSCC has built networks of collaborators, partners, stakeholders and friends in the global community. Its members regularly attend events and conferences around the world and are invited to speak on panels, to contribute and co-organise workshops, and present academic papers across the world.

The GCSCC also has been contributing on a regular basis to the Global Conferences on Cyber Space, the Global and Regional Internet Governance Forums, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum, ITU Cyber Drills and the GFCE Meetings. Additionally, members have presented and organised workshops at conferences and events such as the OAS CIO Summit, the Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp 2020, RightsCon, the Commonwealth ICT Ministers Meetings, the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Cybersecurity Symposium, the George C Marshall Centre’s Program on Cyber Security Studies, as well as at events of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and Chatham House.

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Research Contributions

The Capacity Centre collects valuable data from stakeholders across various geographical regions, including from public and private sectors and civil society. Such data allows the GCSCC to produce diverse outputs and drive the advancement of the cybersecurity capacity research community in a range of disciplines, including Internet science, government policy, sociology, international law and cybersecurity. Contributions take many forms including academic journal articles, conference papers, books and book chapters and the release of discussion and policy papers.

In the GCSCC’s early years, the CMM provided the community with new concepts and approaches for thinking about cybersecurity capacity, rethinking awareness campaigns and conceptualising the idea of a cybersecurity mind-set and the harms associated with failures in cybersecurity. More recently the GCSCC’s research has expanded to include empirical outputs, such as a study of awareness campaigns in Africa, as well as quantitative empirical research that uses existing datasets available from the ITU, WEF and others. This has allowed the GCSCC to present concrete results on the impact of cybersecurity capacity.

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The Centre’s work has also been acknowledged and referenced in third-party publications, from policy papers to the media. Here is the latest list: