Cybersecurity Capacities for the Application of UN Cyber Norms

States hold the responsibility to build national cybersecurity capacities that protect citizens from the risks and threats of global ICT usage. However, the global nature of business, cyberspace and also the threat ecosystem, means that states need to collaborate and cooperate if we are to maintain a digital-environment that is safe and secure, and can underpin prosperity and development. It is the way in which ICTs are used that will determine whether we achieve the desired positive benefits and outcomes, whilst keeping associated risks to an acceptable level. This is where the role of cybersecurity becomes key: to enable the positive impact of ICTs, while avoiding undesired or unacceptable negative outcomes. 

This project explores the relationship between the application of the globally accepted framework on responsible state behaviour online as detailed in the UN Cyber Norms, and national cybersecurity capacity. The research is based on review of the existing literature, consultation with external experts in the matter through a series of roundtable discussions, and expertise of the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) in effective national cybersecurity capacity.