Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Webinar



The Centre understands that actionable and impactful knowledge contributions are key to the global advancement of cybersecurity capacity and the important work of the Centre’s partners. Academic, economic and societal impact has been at the forefront of the GCSCC’s mission, where impact is defined as demonstrable contributions to a) shifting understanding and advancing scientific method, theory and application of the GCSCC’s outputs across and within disciplines; and b) advancing society and the economy, benefitting individuals, organisations and nations at large.

Good cybersecurity capacity may underpin greater adoption, safety, trust and use of cyberspace. It renders possible the development of policy, practice and service provision, shaping legislation and altering social behaviours. It also provides opportunities to reframe debates and to gain greater understanding of policy issues, while building technical, institutional and personal capacities.

To increase, sustain and scale its impact, the GCSCC has focused on three key outputs: stakeholder adoption, influencing policy and research contributions.


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