Minitrack Call for Papers: International Perspectives for Cybersecurity

The international collaboration in cybersecurity shifts more and more from information exchange, training and sharing of threat intelligence to also include the implementation of international cybersecurity functions and operations. However, this internationalization raises fundamental questions around culture, nations’ sovereignty, politics, society, jurisdiction and other non-technical areas. Further, cybersecurity has the potential to cause serious conflicts on international level.

The ongoing and accelerating industrial adoption of the IoT also affects cybersecurity capacity and changes the requirements of international cybersecurity functions. Countries are adopting these technologies with different existing cybersecurity and technological maturity levels, which has the potential to increase the digital divide. It creates additional challenges to cybersecurity internationally if some countries adopt these safety-critical technologies without necessary security maturity.

This minitrack explores research into very topical and pressing issues of international aspects of cybersecurity across all relevant dimensions, including law, education, standards, defence, culture and society, technical functions, policies, and international agreements.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  •  Challenges for international cybersecurity agreements
  •  Technical cybersecurity functions on international and regional level
  •  Culture and society of cybersecurity
  •  International computer emergency response
  •  Contextualization of cybersecurity solutions
  •  Cultural adaption of cybersecurity education
  •  National and international cybersecurity capacity maturity
  •  Role of international agreements and political forums
  •  Critical issues around regional digital development
  •  Cybercrime
  •  Cybersecurity consequences of digital transformation
  •  Cyber stability and responsible state behaviour in cyberspace
  •  Challenges arising from the adoption of emerging technologies
  •  International trends in aspects of cybersecurity capacity
  •  Equitable access to cybersecurity technologies and services

Submission details Deadline: 15 June 2021 (11:59 pm HST)

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